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Augmented reality as form of communication and advertising

Augmented Reality is a new method for interactive visualization of graphical elements that allows the user to interact more effectively with images. Images could be logos, popular signs, faces.


Augmented reality as an advertising technique, which allows greater visual accessibility.


The interaction follows selected set of graphics, which creates library, for example logos of brands, labels, graphic elements. These items are recorded as sets of elements, their scanning will triger another interaction – video, music video, access the Web site.
Properly selected action will trigger virtualization – or display additional information as a result of user action.
Scan the graphic element – scanning images going through the application, similar to the QR scanner that takes into account the combination of millions of points along existing order images to be recognized.


Purpose of augmented reality – can be – advertising promotions, educational initiatives and cultural activities opoznavatelnni added Reality –


Augmented Reality transforms the way people interact with the world and provides unlimited access to knowledge.

There are mobile applications for scanning AR images. The most popular Blippar offers the largest virtual library of existing augmented images.


Value-added promotional communication tools is undeniable


To conduct an augmented campaign is necessary designer to prepare your image, logo in an appropriate form, using the editor for augmentation. The cost of doing this is quite high, but the effect is outstanding, and the number of users to which brands reach unlimited. The viral effect is undeniable.


Augmented reality definitely fits the definition visual marketing, which increasingly encompasses the development of brands. More and more users prefer to watch than to read promotional materials. Video and augmented reality form a complete new direction with enormous potential and pleasing to the interest of users completely was concluded in permission marketing.

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