Digital marketing technologies with a great potential

Digital marketing technologies with a great potential

Where is hidden the market potential?

Technology with potential changes in the way social interaction through social networks, are the first and most important aspect affecting global direct marketing activities.

The logic of the existence of products and their use on the Internet through cloud and block-chain environment are also a priority trend affecting product development.
Economic effects imposed a new form of social interaction, and resource availability, no real physical location of products and services transform and economic aspects of development of technology businesses.
Shaping ecosystems, technological hubs, creating a new dimension in the objectives of technology companies, for which basic business tasks are creating a product whose main customer benefit is not usefulness and investment, purchase and sale of business unit as a standalone product, ICO ( Initial Coin Offering), and other non-physical forms of marketing realisation.

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Social networking Platforms

Social networking continues to stand out as the most important part of the toolkit of digital marketing. Over the past 10 years, the existing social platforms undergo numerous changes and although the dynamics, priority in use by consumers remain the most familiar: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
There are also local preferences and thematic ones, which feature should be taken into account when marketing products and services which require the attention of a specific audience.

Using social media platforms product marketing purposes must take into account the constant changes in the algorithms for organic reach consumers who are constantly changing and aim to minimise the natural – free communication with large groups of people.

Paid forms of communication offer more diverse approaches to meeting the objectives of advertised products such formats focus on the more precise targeting of the target groups. Due to the constantly increasing cost of paid forms of advertising, social media, advertisers / marketers are forced to include more alternative communication channels, and their organic forms, product mixes.
The most used social media such as Facebook, YouTube, regularly impose algorithmic limitations in logic to reach the brands to their consumers, encouraging the use of paid options of communication.

Overall marketing trend is shaping the new alternative digital marketing techniques to reach consumers.
Reshaping the focus of companies to explore the unused corporate resources, human resources – a new marketing channel – the function of HR and Marketing promote businesses through its own employees.

So shaped new directions as Employer Branding (employer branding), create new, combined channels of communication infrastructure with social networks. Creativity marketers, possible in the digital environment allows the creation of new areas of digital marketing, branches and shaping innovative techniques of application of these approaches.

Technology trends increasingly expanding range of digital marketing specialist by dynamic development of IoT (Internet of Things – Internet of Things), Big Data Analysis (statistical analysis of large data sets), cloud based resources and technologies block-chain.

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