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If you want to expand your business and sell through an additional channel than standard shops, it is time to create and develop your own online store.

The creation of Internet shop goes through the following stages

Choosing the right content management system

Choosing the right CMS depends on the volume of products that will drop in sales functionalities that are needed, and the intensity of realized online sales. The most popular content management system, which are open source and allow better service and administration of the store are Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop. These are systems that are fully geared towards e-commerce. Systems like WordPress and Joomla, also have functionality for online trading.

After selecting the right system for your needs, it should take care and technical provision of your Internet shop, in terms of hosting resources.

Hosting selection for Internet shop

The large number of visitors will require a great resource of disk space, CPU time, etc. Large hosting companies offer ready solutions aimed primarily at online merchants.

Producing correct design

The online store for your brand and type of products – you can buy ready design template that most suits your products or overall product category.
For all major content management system has developed thousands of ready-made design templates.
After selecting the correct design template you should adapt it to your needs.

Add basic information pages and terms, contacts, privacy policy

Products descriptions, methods of delivery, payment system released, setup email correspondence for notifications.

Methods of delivery and payment systems

Integration in the online store choice of partner for delivery – courier company is essential for your online trading.
In Bulgaria there are several large, reliable courier companies that offer integration of its systems with various CMS-s.
The integration of automatic generation of shipping documents will optimize your work and will reduce the resources required for processing,
preparation and dispatch of consignments to a minimum.

Optimizing content for easy access to your online shop

SEO of the store is not easier than the actual trading.
Imagine that you have a physical store, which is located in a very dark street, surely customers will flock to tail.
The same goes for your online store. If you do not take care of its good location, easy finding, directional signs, promotion, no one will find it.
What you can do as basic actions to inform search engines about the existence of your store and integrate with the most popular tools for fast indexing of its content on the Web.

Integration with trading platforms

To generate more sales in your online shop e-commerce trends in Bulgaria, follow the globall ones.
Independent traders holding goods are not always able to invest sufficient resources in available products and marketing.
Larger commercial platforms investing primarily in marketing and advertising, and resell goods to many traders.
Like Aliekspres and Alibaba (platform for global wholesale).

Integration of partner networks for advertising and sales-based broking

In Bulgaria are formed multiple platforms that offer this type of mediation, against decent sized commissions.
The integration of small Internet stores such platforms is a good option for increasing sales sreu commission only in the realization of the sale.
Trading platforms offer product integration of shops with their systems, it’s part of the process of increasing the value of each online store.

Affiliate advertising platforms

There are ad networks, so-called affiliate advertising platforms that have the sole purpose to develop display advertising, and sales of its participants – see more Affiliate Marketing Integration

Price comparison integration

Useful for every small shop on the Internet that does not have a large marketing budget are platforms for cost comparison. This can be useful for you if you offer standard – mass products and compete mainly on price indication.

Content optimization of online shop – Administration and management of Internet stores

Your online store will be successful only if we keep regularly updating content, keep well its appearance.
This may include activities such as analysis of competition, price comparisons, renovation of depleted quantities.
Blog to increase the information content of the e-shop. Every online store has poor information structure. Pages, where there are more, or no unique content are information and product pages usually
provide the most important data for the goods.
You can enrich your online store by adding a blog within the site you can post information about your unique product and brand innovations.

Link social profiles of the online store to keep your customers active in constant touch with the brand you need to be socially active

In social networks you can communicate daily with your customers to inform them about new products and changes. To answer questions, and even to generate sales. Social networks like Facebook are a good channel for quickly converting into sales advertising.

Integration of online store systems with courier companies

For maximum optimization of processes and delivery of sales it is necessary to integrate your online store with a system of a courier company.
So you will not have to manually fill in transport documents, calling courier on the phone and you and your clients will have the ability to track the movement of the shipments.
Major courier companies offer turnkey solutions for integration with popular electronic systems.

Order processing and after-sales service

Online service in real time to improve aftersales. You can take advantage of online chat applications that allow direct connection (in real time) with many users served by one operator. By a similar application for online chat, you can track consumer
behavior and your potential customers can set automatic replies, and cause interest by demonstrating greater commitment to the customer.

Additional promotion online store

If you want to actively promote your online store, you can take advantage of our services for paid Internet advertising

Conversion Tracking – conversions online store

Whatever action you take, be sure to track the behavior of your users and make changes as a result of this behavior.
Track statistics, analyze clicks, the usability of your website, easy navigation and orientation.

Models of e-commerce – dropshiping

There are various models of e-commerce. Besides the classical approach of selling goods in stock or On Demand supply (flash sales) is popular and Dropshiping.

Innovatoria offers design of online store. We can assist you to walk the steps described above to create – making Internet to shop optimization, raise its profile and
increase sales.


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