E-Mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is based on the e-mail technology, which is exceptional and an effective way to reach the targeted groups, even to achieve particular personal communication between advertiser and clients. By e-mail, you can send advertising letters with attached advertising bids, through mail-server.

E-mail campaign is the strongest way to establish and keep a relationship with your clients. By well made Рµ-mail strategy you will be in close contact with your customers and will reinforce the trust, which you had made, which will increase your incomes from regular clients. One Рµ-mail campaign can be daily, weekly or monthly, according to the products you sell. The range of Рµ-mail structures can vary from news to advice about usage and exploitation of your products.


Newsletters are lists, in which everybody can subscribe, but only a web site administrator can send letters to the people from the roll. These are public lists. There are private Newsletters also, in which the subscribings are controlled from the web site administrator.

Discussion Groups – These are discussion forms, taken through e-mail. Each comment, sent from one of the members of the group, is distributed to the other group members. Discussion groups have very good potential for setting up educational forms and Business to Business communication (B2B). Company’s representatives and more advanced users can share formal and informal information with their clients. The groups are building loyalty to their customers and provide them customer support. This is one of the methods, which increase the trust in clients.

Attracting subscribers:


  • The best way to attract subscribers is to invite them to register
  • Offer motives for subscribing
  • During the subscribing process ask them if they would like to receive regular newsletters

Auto responders or robots: This type of programs automatically sends particular information by e-mail, when they receive an e-mail from the customer. More intelligent robots send different messages according the word filled in the „Subject”. In Internet the service auto responder is good return on investment.


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