Online shop management – Outsourcing in Bulgaria

Online shop management – Outsourcing in Bulgaria

Internet shop management in Bulgaria – Outsourcing of e-commerce activities

A big part of the online shops in Bulgaria are started as a hobby. Based on data provided by National Revenue Agency,  the registered online shops in Bulgaria are more than 15 000 (2019) and big part of them are very small in size.

The activities required to support a successful online shop are much more then the time we are ready to spend for our favourite hobby, especially when we are looking for some profit.

Lot of business owners start their market jorney, in the world of e-commerce, totally unprepared.  They start it with a lot of passion, which disappears quickly, because their online shop appears to be quite big capital and recources demanding monster.

Required recourses for a successful retail e-commerce practice

  • Inventory Management in terms of big variety of products, preferebly in stock
  • Constant SEO
  • Constant CRO
  • Design, UX, UI and features improvement of the platform or web site
  • Automation
  • Customer Care
  • Promotion
  • PPC
  • Storage
  • Staff
  • Knowledge upgrade, organic promotion and positioning, Analysis and Monitoring
  • Web hosting
  • Suppliers and Vendors relationships management.

The listed resources have constant volume increase and frequency in order to keep stable the online shop and decent the amount of sales.

Even when we reach a point of stability, new market players with bigger capital will distroy everything achieved in the recent years.

If you reached the limit of your capacity or if you are looking for a local partner in Bulgaria, to manage your online business and represent you on the local and regional market, why don’t you consider the opportunity to assign your e-commerce business to a company like Innovatoria, that offers professional management, services and development for Internet based businesses!

Innovatoria offers services for online shops and online based businesses Outsourcing, covering the following fields:

  1. Technical Support;
  2. Customer service – orders preparation, couriers deliveries, orders tracking, Clients’ feedback monitoring;
  3. Storage;
  4. Product portfolio upload and management;
  5. Social commerce activities;
  6. Automation;
  7. Monitoring and Analysis;
  8. Promotion – paid and organic (PPC with clients’ budget);
  9. Content management – product descriptions, blog posts;
  10. Vendors and suppliers management.

If you are interested in the described services, feel free to send us a request