In many cases there is an alternative cost when hiring a outside Digital Marketing Agency, doing the activities in-house or try to organize the whole process with different suppliers.

The digital marketing is a complex, quite regular and time consuming activity.
If you are looking to outsource your marketing and advertising activities Innovatoria is the right solution.
Based in Sofia, Bilgaria, the company acts as a custome solution center for advertising and digital marketing.

Outsource your digital marketing with an expert!




  • Your business will save money from internal training and social payments
  • Your business will not suffer when someone leave the company
  • You will not have to educate employees
  • You will get services from a team, not from individuals
  • You will be able to independently monitor the digital marketing progress
  • Outsourcing of digital marketing your increase your virtual presence
  • You have the security, that the investment will be returned
  • You will have access to the latest digital technologies and tools
  • You will have the time to focus on your business core activities, sales as well
  • Clearly defined tasks to execute, which execution is not limited to working hours
  • You save money from social welfare payments, holiday pay, allowances
  • No need to follow how strictly the eployee fits the working time
  • You may terminate the contract for outsourcing any time, as opposed to the employment agreement
  • You get the competences of a team of people with solid experience
  • Permanent virtual communication that does not require personal meetings and conversations
  • You pay only for completed tasks not for office presence


What type of regular digital marketing actions are appropriate for outsourcing?

  • Online shop management outsourcing – e-commerce activities >>>
  • Web site design, Internet banners design
  • Graphic design and collateral materials
  • Web based software applications development
  • SEO for a web site 
  • Web site Content management
  • Web site regular technical support and Social Media Management
  • Management of international e-commerce projects
  • Internal Digital marketing trainings
  • Management and web Content Creation
  • Web site administration
  • Graphic and web design of websites, Landing pages, online shops, standardized banners
  • Management of Google AdWords, Facebook Ads accounts
  • SMM – social media marketing
  • Online research
  • Email marketing, Notification Marketing, Growth Hacking Strategy

fav-iconSpecialists such as Online Marketing Manager, Google AdWords specialist, PPC Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager – are among the most sought after experts in the labour market, in time of rapidly evolving technologies.


Innovatoria Digital Marketing Services

Our professional approach will give your business benefits, which will directly reflect your financial results


Outsourcing digital marketing might be the best solution

The most important services a custome online marketing provider should offer are:

Web site Design

Development and design adaptation, web site redesign and creation of static and animated Internet banners.

E-mail marketing and automation

E-mail distribution, copywriting and results monitoring, through automated channels.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Design consept of social profiles, customer service in social media and regular text and visual updates.

Performance based advertising

PPC, Programmatic Advertising, Advertising in display networks. Budget based pricing. Monitoring and analysis.

Web site content management

Text, visual and video content creation and management. Optimization of web site text and video content.

Search Engine Optimization

On-page optimization, Off-page – SEO – Link building. Audit of web sites, monitoring, analysis and improvements.

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