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Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media Marketing & Management Services

The most popular social media requires regular profile updates and management.

Our services include profile creation in most popular networks, paid advertising and fan building activities.

Facebook Profile Management

Our Facebook services include:

  1. Business profile – creating proper images – cover image, profile image, proper posts images
  2. Regular updates postings – content creation
  3. Statistics overview
  4. Building fans
  5. Regular info posting
  6. Linking corporate web site with social profile
  7. Creating closed groups
  8. Creating Facebook events
  9. Reply to customers’ messages


LinkedIn Profile Management

LinkedIn is the only business network appropriate for B2B relations.

We can build and manage your company profile and create proper profile information, like short business information, proper images and contact data.

We can also create a business group dedicated to your business topic and service that group.

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Others

Depending on the needs of your business and relevant social etworks, we can create other social profiles and manage them regularly.


Social Media Advertising

Facebook – for B2C customers we support all types of Facebook advertising. The management of advertising campaign in Facebook is going through the following stages:

  1. Choosing the right format for your business advertising
  2. Targeting – choosing the best audience for the campaign
  3. Implementing tracking codes
  4. Creative preparation and evaluation
  5. Statistics overview
  6. Retargeting


LinkedIn advertising

For B2B advertising we strongly recommend our clients to use LinkedIn as the right social network

The LinkedIn advertising campaign is going through the following stages:

  1. Preparation of creative materials, evaluation and testing
  2. Targeting – choosing the right filters for the audience
  3. Implementing pixels for tracking
  4. Statistics overview


What results you can expect from your social media advertising campaign?

Its always depends on the goals and the right expectations, but through Facbook advertising you can alawys expect immediate results if the goal is to sell a product or to get registrations for an event.

We dont have to underestimate the brandawareness effect, as well as the strong interaction with the social group as well as viral effect.

The results strongly depend on the budget of your campaign, your patiente and willingness to keep interact with the audience. Sometimes the organic results will support your paid efforts and the combination of both will bring the targeted results. PRICES FOR SOCIAL MEDIA SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES

Innovatoria Digital Marketing Services

Our professional approach will give your business bennefits, which will directly reflect your financial results

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