What is whitepaper in digital marketing?

What is whitepaper?

Whitepaper is an interactive presentation material, element of the whitepaper marketing communication mix.
It is appropriate for online distribution, and has the purpose to enrich the content of an Internet page and to support its SEO – Search engine Optimization 

In the general case, this is an electronic document with 2- 8 pages, that aims to present a company product or service from different prospective, an electronic brochure with hyper links.

When creating a Whitepaper it is important to take care about the content and make it with the necessary quality and quantity, together with the visual graphic look.
Often Whitepaper are created with sales purposes, but in most of the cases they are part of the SEO strategy.

Whitepaper design

You can use ready Whitepaper templates, but this will get only the basics of the execution. You should customise the  Whitepaper in format identical with the graphic requirements of your brand. You will need a professional designership, because the good Whitepaper design needs precise execution with a pro graphic software.

Graphic element, which is very often used in the Whitepapers are the schemes, which in a very compact format, are presenting a lot of information, in a pleasant, logical and visually pleasing way.

whitepaper design
To have a professional look your electronic brochure should use a creative thinking as well as professional software, licensed images, adapted for your purposes and hyper links to other Internet content, related to the topic.

Whitepaper Purposes

  • Whitepaper could present benefits of using particular product or service
  • Comparisons
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Brand or product competitive advantages
  • New product features or explanation of complicated to use features
  • Many others business ideas and solutions

Whitepaper benefits

The benefits of creating Whitepapers are not only  SEO optimization goals. They serve the development of the whitepaper marketing benefits for your business. The whitepapers primary goal is to offer quality content in more visually pleasing format, because with visual elements we can save lot of reading time.

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