Nowadays Internet is part of the people’s lifestyle, no matter if they are a corporation, small and medium enterprise or physical person. Recently Internet is not only enjoyment, but a major informational resource, a way for establishing contacts, searching and finding information. Internet turned into a media, equal to the radio, the television and the press. As the number of customers increase with incredible speed, Internet Advertising turned into one of the general opportunities for popularization of companies, people and events. Before starting Internet advertising is recommended the web site to be optimized, registered in search engines and exchange links with other web sites, which would increase the web site PageRank.

Google AdWords Advertising connects you with new clients, in the right moment and place, when the Internet users search for your products and/or services.

With Google AdWords we create individual advertisements, generate key words, which together with advertisements help reaching the targeted groups. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

The pay attendance in Google AdWords (Pay-per-Click Advertisement) is the faster developing and most successful area in the Online Marketing, based on accurate targeting, optimized budget and high return of investment. Today it is the faster, the most certain and effective way your web site to be at the first places in world giant Google!

AdWords advantages


  • Without initial pay charge
  • Not necessary to create your own account and profile
  • Effective advertising with small budget
  • Precise targeting of the advertisements
  • You pay only when someone is interested in your offer
  • You can define your budget and position in Google
  • Appropriate advertisement for every branch
  • Opportunity for advertisement at 40 languages in more than 200 countries
  • Analysis and selection of keywords and phrases


Raising PageRank – the position in search engines and portals

PageRank is very important for your web site! Many of the big Internet search engines have their own rules to rate the web sites in their indexes. One of these indexes is PageRank. Higher PageRank means better position!

Except advertising organizing and PR-campaigns, web site development, marketing researches, Innovatoria team offers development of complete Internet solutions, which will provide excellent results for your business.
Our constant care is providing the highest standards of serving our clients. You can be completely sure, that we always refer with maximum attention to Your Needs, operatively react to all questions and finally our associates are always friendly and neighborly.

PageRank Raising

  • Drawing up and conduct advertising campaign
  • Audit, development and optimization web sites and multimedia development
  • Drawing up strategies about popularization, marketing researches, internet consultations
  • Registration in search engines and portals
  • Links Exchange Program

It is very important to pay attention to PageRank, mind the fact that big search engines sort the results from the search process not only by the information in your web site, but use other external factors also.

If the other web sites have links to your web site, the search engines consider that the other sites recommend yours. This index is complicated for manipulation and because of that it is most significant for the search engines. Higher number of web sites containing links to your, means bigger success and higher position in search engines results by the keywords in your web site.

Banner Campaign

Presenting procedures at the web site in specialized portals according the branch is a part of our online marketing strategy. Banner’s exchange program not only presents your web site, but also generates traffic towards it.

Innovatoria Digital Marketing Services

Our professional approach will give your business benefits, which will directly reflect your financial results