Web content – how to manage it?

Management of web content

eggThe content management process, in the common case is building a good link structure, construction of anchor phrases, outside link building and analysis of existing and new page content.  In many cases the content management needs deep research and analysis of competitive web sites and businesses in general, competitive position analysis and evaluation of current web site position and perspectives.
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Content management of a web site goes through the following stages

  1. Research and analysis of appropriate keywords – for good Search Engine Optimization, is recommendable regular observation of competitive key words and phrases. The analysis is directed to how important is a particular word for the whole web site presence.

2. Meta information content settings, on your web site related to key words – each page meta data, should be relevant to the targeted key words, as well having them as content.

3. Keywords saturation for the existing or new content of a web site with appropriate key words. The saturation should be with the main phrases, as well having them positioned in the titles.

4. Unique content check – if you use texts created from a freelancer, check them for duplication and plagiarism, using a free toll from the web. The plagiarised content decreases the organic position of a web site.

5. Check for relevancy the web content – the most important is the content, which is published to be relevant to the bounce rate of the web site and will decrease it organic position in the index.

6. Check for duplicated content – not only for plagiarism, but check the page structure for duplicated content within the web site. It is possible to have duplicated categories, pages, posts.


Regular update of the content and new contentcreation and management

The update of the existing content is important part of the content management process.  The creation of new content is even more important. New texts, published in your web site, relevant to your business or brand, will dramatically increase the organic position of your Internet page.


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