Growth Hacking Marketing Workshop

Growth Hacking Marketing Workshop

Growth Hacking Marketing Strategy Workshop

Workshop Growth Hacking – history, concept, case studies, tools

As a digital marketing concept, directed totally to business growth,, Growth Hacking marketing uses practical tools to measure customers behaviour and identify specific target group, the ones who will advocate the brand. In general Growth hacking marketing is appropriate for technological and web based businesses, but with more creative approach it could be applied in the industrial marketing as well.

Creating Growth Hacking Marketing

Everything starts with MVP – minimum viable product. The first market phase of your product offer development.

How to start with your strategy?

1. Identify the product development phase, plans for improvements
2. Identify the right group of clients, not just clients, but the right ones!
3. Use the tools or create mechanisms to reach them

Brainstorming the growth

1. Make proper and very precise target group segmentation, examine the potential customers behaviour
2. Create or use mechanisms or tools to get right to them
3. Allocate the target group with message, and trial options and make it your distrributor

Create the mechanism to reach the target group

1. Use ready tools or create your own
2. Become a real growth hacker – learn everything about digital marketing, become an omnipat
3. Growth hacking marketing for startups is giving the chance to the business owners to offer their product as a new and innovative and develop it according to the feedback
4. Brainstorming and creating a real marketing experiment
5. Work in a brain trust for better market growth

Growth Hacking Workshop

1. Through successful case studies learn how to exponentially grow your business
2. Review of existing growth hacking tools, test and implement
3. Plan the product development
4. Product Market Fit, какво е PMF, MVP
5. Retention & Optimization, CRO
6. Learn how to use the changing market environment
7. Learn how to live with the constant market change and make it your business culture
9. Create an action plan
10. Specific market strategies

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