On page SEO

Web site positioning in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo,  and many others is one of the most developed aspects of digital marketing.

Unique meta titles

The unique meta titles are critical for your on-page optimization

Useful meta descriptions

The meta descriptions are as important for your web site as the rest of the meta data

Correct URLs stucture

Not too short, not too long
see_more_bg URLs

Relevant content

Visual design and management of social profilessee_more_bg

Anchor texts

Descriptive anchor texts are becoming quite important signal

H level titles

Be ware of H1 titles duplication. Make them unique and different from meta titles

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is important part of Online Marketing of the web site. Creating successful formula with the use of keywords and phrases, and integrate it in the web site, SEO contribute to vastly increasing the visitors’ traffic.

Operations, connected with web site’s traffic aim to increase rang in web portals are part of the online marketing strategy.

Following right concept and choice of appropriate search engine, together with top 5 keywords and phrases, the successful SEO guarantee you higher rating, bigger traffic from customers and better results with the sales.

  • Code optimization (about static web site)
  • Analysing and optimization on the meta tags at the web site
  • Keywords determination, towards which the web site will be registered
  • Registration in search engines and web portals
  • Adding in appropriate directories and catalogues
  • Content Separation by keywords and phrases
  • Links Exchange Program

In all cases, the optimization for search engines is an acquitted expense and leads to return on investment.

To achieve clear idea what is the SEO efficiency and to notice the real returning on your investment you need an instrument for monitoring the audience of your web site.

Links Exchange Program

Links exchange with other web sites is maybe one of the most important factors about higher PageRank. All links, which lead to your web site from others, will result in increasing the traffic of your site, and respectively your sales. Finding and analyzing the most advantageous partners, with which you can exchange links. Making “links exchange program” is much complex and continued process, but it has meaning about your position in the search engines.

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