How to increase our hotel reservations?

МVery often the hotel managers are obliged to combine the daily operational tasks with sales and marketing activities. The hotel marketing activities should be delegated to an expert, who is fully responsible for the marketing management. The sales are generaly conducted in Internet and the results could be accomplished after hard and regular work.

We offer complete outsourcing service of digital marketing activities, which aim to generate growth and could be summarised in the following list:

1. Web site development and support;
2. Real time reservation web site modules;
3. Global reservation aggregators integration;
4. Registration and regular social media support;
5. Profile registration and reputation management Booking, Airbnb, Trip Advisor
6. Discount platforms registration;
7. Landing pages development, PPC advertising AdWords and Facebook
8. SEO for better organic positions
9. Internet banner design for re-targeting advertising campaigns
10. Monitoring and results analysis.