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WHITEPAPER Marketing is one of the biggest trends of Content Marketing. Whitepaper is an interactive material with a presentation purpose, designed for online introductions and distribution. It is quite effective for B2B products and services. It is comparatively short – electronic brochure in 2-8 pages and presents benefits and comparisons. It could review competitive advantages or to analyse data. The good Whitepaper design presents products and services inline with the company corporate identity.see more


Infographic – interactive material for online presentations and distribution, which uses visual elements to present product benefits and advantages with graphics instead with a text. The Infographic design should be in context of the visual and graphic company identity. As an element of the Whitepaper marketing and design, it could enrich the content of a web site.see more


Orgagraphics, the same as Infographics have the purpose to present data or organizational interactions and processes, structures related to sales activities or even models for using a service or product.  The orgagraphic design  should be in line with the product, brand corporate guidelines. see more



Power Point presentations are a classic tool for standard lectures, product or service presentations. Their design is a key indicator for the quality of the presentation.


Interactive material, an electronic copy of a print book edition. The book formatting for e-readers is part of the book digitalization process. The e-books could serve also the goals of the Whitepaper marketing as a presentation material, designed in the requirements of the company brand guidelines, for B2B presentations of products and services. see more

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