More about design

Introduction of design and production services

Design is art and a way to express our ideas and to realize our concepts.

Design is our way to communicate and our visual culture.

The basis of design consists of emotion and concept. The good design combines simplicity, line and harmonious mixture of colors and shapes. There is a balance in the good design. No matter whether we create corporate identity design, design for advertising souvenir, print material or multimedia presentation, we follow the 3 basic principles:

* Line

* Simplicity

* Balance/Harmony of colors and shapes

The practice proves that the simple designs of all advertising materials, which we develop,  live long, are memorable and suitable for the customers. The simple design is clear and easy to perceive.

Creating design every day, we strive to achieve perfection in each element, shape and pixel. At first the customers see the design of the respective product, perceive the emotion and then the content itself.

The graphic layouts, which we develop, are made to suit the needs of our clients and their target groups, the corporate identity, informational structure, marketing environment and competition.

In each project we follow a certain priority of the graphic objects according to the theme and use of the respective design.

The design itself could include development of corporate identity, graphic design, web design and multimedia design.

  1. Identity

2.1. Corporate identity

The building of corporate identity includes development of logo and  pack of materials for corporate communication, as well as all other necessary marketing materials of the company:

– Logo

– Corporate business card

– Blank form

– Envelope

– Folder

– Corporate PPT template

– Branding of corporate stands

2.2. Branding of products and services

Branding of products includes development of all materials, which are necessary in order to make your product visible and appreciated:

– Logo

– Leaflet

– Brochure

– Catalogue

– Package

– Product presentation

– Branding of corporate stands

  1. Print materials

Graphic design includes development of all print materials of the company, which are necessary for its activities:

– Calendars

– Brochures

– Leaflets

– Fliers

– Corporate catalogues

– Posters

– Folders

– Corporate bags

– Cards

– Invitations

– Covers/holders

– Envelopes and blank forms

– Business cards and PVC cards

  1. Оut of Home (Outdoor Advertising)

4.1. Exterior design – full branding and decoration of your office building according to your corporate advertising concept. Placing logo and trade marks on industrial and office buildings, developing informational infrastructure, pylons, flags, signboards, billboards, car branding, etc.

4.2. Design for billboards, vinyls, banners – design of  layout, production and installation.

4.3. Neon signboards – using glass neon tubes, you will achieve maximum light effect both during the day and night. Usually these signboards are light or winking inscriptions or figures.

The neon could be used in several possible ways:

– open neon signs(the most frequently used ones);

– closed neon signs for internal lighting of plastic plexiglass letters;

4.4. Light and non-light signboards – light signboards are the most frequently used advertising signs. Their light part is usually produced from plexiglass, vinyl or policarbon. We could offer you different and non-standard decisions, suitable for your specific needs. The main issue regarding the light signs is the external lighting of the visible part. Usually the visible part is made of different PVC materials, as well as of chrome-nickel or yellow metal. It is possible to produce all kinds of plastic or 3D light signs according to the needs and budget frames of the client.

4.5. Informational signboards – the production of informational signboards is usually related to the company’s needs for periodical distribution of information about new products, promotions, events, etc. These signboards could be light or non-light, permanent or mobile.

4.6. Transport advertising

Branding of corporate cars and other vehicles is attractive, because it is very flexible – ADVERTISING ON WHEELS/MOBILE ADVERTISING.

The development of the initial project is suitable for the respective car and its function. Usually the branding is produced from PVC folio. The production could be made in the following ways:

– standard inscriptions from colored PVC folio;

– full-colored solvent printing on thick PVC folio (for the metal parts) or net PVC folio (for the glasses).


  1. Advertising souvenirs and unique production:

INNOVATORIA offers to you advertising souvenirs – low, medium and luxury class according to the catalogues of leading European companies in the field of advertising souvenirs. We can help you to choose the most appropriate souvenirs according to the different levels of your business partners and clients.

We are result oriented, use our resources effectively and act very quickly, striving to be the best in our sphere. We offer unique decisions, suitable for the different company’s activities and occasions, as well as standard souvenirs like:

– key holder

– lighters and ash-trays

– pens and luxury writing devices

– boxes and writing devices

– Writing sets

– VIP sets

– Special gifts

– Watches

– Business card holders and bags

– For free time and leisure

– For your promotion

– Notebooks with calendar


  1. Multimedia

Multimedia design includes development of corporate and product presentations, banners and other multimedia materials, which support the marketing strategy of the company, the respective product or idea.


– Multimedia presentations

– Multimedia brochures

– E-brochures