What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

At the present moment of quickly developing technologies, the advertising channels as well as the   marketing scope of the business, are getting different view.

The industrial approach of marketing is not working any more

The standard advertising approach as the standard advertising channels, are not enough to promote the business or a single brand adequately to the consumers.

A whole new marketing is formed. The so called Digital Marketing. It has its own branches as:

Fundamentally the digital marketing is based on the web presence. Web presence – a web site, Internet advertising-Display and Contextual, Social distribution, and its related activities.

The Internet web site is the base for each product/ service, brand, for every business. The Internet page could be a corporate web site, Internet shop, Online shopping platform – aggregating products or services, Independent mobile application for a service.

The corporate web site is the face of your business in the virtual environment. Your online store is your shop in a different space, without any limitations in time, languages, content.

The well maintained web site is a good example of well-maintained business. Example adequate to the present technologies, requirements and trends.

As well as in the offline environment, there is also online fashion trends. Your web site design could show how much your web page is answering the technology innovation, usability, user experience (UX), the users visual expectations.

Your business could be well presented not only by a corporate web site, but also by a whole aggregating platform, online store or other e-commerce solution.

The contemporary approach for creating ecommerce solutions is permitting a wide scope of functions by using CMS – content management systems.

Having nice online shop, corporate web site or other virtual solution is not enough without Internet promotion.

A necessity for your virtual existence is the Internet promotion

There are lots of different types of Internet advertising. In the present digital marketing the communication mix is quite different than the one, which stands for the standard marketing.

The 4 P – are still having their equivalents, corresponding to the theory.

Your Product (Product) could be your web site Place is the well-established links and partners networks, where your web site connects your products or services with extended audience.  Price and Promotion are having standard channels as in the offline promotion.

At the current moment every advertising campaign has Internet or Digital budget.

The Internet Advertising could be Display and Contextual

Part of these two above are Social media advertising, which also has its own formats, depending on the network, SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Content Management, Affiliate Advertising, Organic Search Promotion.

The good communication mix depends on the well-defined targets, the product features, price. The Internet advertising channels have clear metrics and targeting. The measurable results, in real time, as the possible quick conversion in sales or other targets, are the big advantage of the online advertising.

The opportunity to measure each action result, to analyze each visitor step, in short terms, is making the virtual communication in reliable element for every brand communication. This situation lets every marketing specialist to make comparisons in time, using real data, at each moment of the promotion to make changes and has clear view on the ROI made for advertising.

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