Our online marketing strategy


First, we’ll thoroughly review your current marketing/communications efforts to assure that those messages accurately reinforce your brand. This isn’t necessarily a time-consuming process, but it is an essential one. Your communications should function as a mirror to your organization; do they truly reflect the spirit of your brand?

We believe it is our duty to choose the best communication mix for your advertising needs, develop it, evaluate it and gather the results.

Internet marketing

Internet is the place where we transfer the whole business activities. A base, from which we promote and sell our products and services.

In this new environment the marketing is taking different development that the conventional one. There are intervention of new unknown marketing elements and activities.

For this reason we support our clients with Internet sites development and optimization, Internet monitoring, E-mail marketing, Web banners development.

  • Research

Our research services and network of information resources provide a wealth of opportunity. We can develop customized searches for the facts and figures that launch new products, provide the foundation for public opinion campaigns or restructure customer relations strategies.
Research is fundamental to achieving results. Understanding  markets – their opinions, attitudes and actions – is critical to success.

Innovatoria offers:

  • Focus group facility;
  • Full statistical database capabilities;
  • Analyzing markets and consumers groups

Direct mail, telephone, online and personal interviews are used to determine product or service satisfaction, sales potential, development of demographic profiles, success of promotional efforts and perceived competition.

Studies can be conducted with…

  • staff and/or management;
  • market segments;
  • customers/clients;
  • consumers or businesses.

Focus Groups
Development, facilitation and analysis of focus groups with staff, customers/clients, target markets or the general population.

  • ad concept testing
  • customer satisfaction analysis
  • new service development
  • market attitudes and trends

Web-Based Research

  • Web site evaluation
  • e-mail surveys with real time analysis
  • online focus groups
  • product and reputation monitoring

Demographic Data

Current estimates and projections of key demographics such as population, age, income, race, etc., for any designated geographical area in Bulgaria

  • setting sales quotas
  • determining economic profiles of specific geographical areas
  • target marketing
  • sales potential estimation

Geomarket Analysis

Highly visual, color maps reflecting clusters and trends in demographic information and business locations, etc. Analyze…

  • market areas;
  • neighborhood or city demographics;
  • sales territories ; and
  • high potential business locations.

If you are looking for Digital Marketing agency, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, send us a service request, so we can discuss your local or global needs. If you are looking to outsource your digital marketing services, we will be happy to send a quotation.