What is the selling of advertising space in web site?

The selling of advertising space in the web site is most pleasant, but at the same time the hardest part of the online business. The problem about it is the key word “traffic”.

For example radio and TV transmissions, as big is the audience of a radio or TV station, more companies will prefer to advertise their products with them.

The similar is the situation with the web sites. As many visitors has one web site, more attractive is it for the businesses, which want to advertise in the Internet.

The advertisement, which is posed in one web site, can be in one of the forms bellow:

  • Banners with different sizes, with advertising text and graphics
  • Pop-ups, containing pages or banners with advertising content
  • Text links, compounded with key words, which lead to the advertised page.

You can realize profit from sales of advertising space even if your site is not much visited. Every web site, independently of its attendance and topics, can participate advertising programs, as Google AdSense and can generate some income. But if your web site has very low attendance respectively the profits from sales of advertising spaces will be poor.