Website optimization (SEO) – What activities includes?

The optimization of the website or called SEO, is a complex process and involves many activities.

Owner o the web sites may perform this activity, but it requires great perseverance, constantly update their knowledge on the subject and utilization of innovations and practical skills.
To master the art of SEO, you need to have experience in making websites for the purpose of understanding the overall concept in website design and functional existence.

You need to have basic programming skills, basic skills in graphic design, continuous monitoring of informative sources to follow the web site behavior.


What you can manage directly and inluence the web site position is the online content improvement. If you write well on a variety of topics and complete the requirements for good content creation, and have the necessary productivity, will definitely increase the index position of your website.

The use of specific tools for monitoring and analysis to give clear guidance on correction of website behavior is associated with a financial commitment.

There are many free tools, but their scope is limited and the results they produce incomplete.
The combination of many free tools for monitoring, can also achieve a good result in the overall monitoring, but it takes more time resources.

However, if you decide to do the SEO for your website alone, you can take care regularly to perform the following activities:

  • Create a clear text structure of your site with shortcuts to access the main content.
  • Every page must be accessed with no more than three inside pages.
  • Unique content – clearly focused on the overall theme of your business.
  • Comply with Google SEO requirements, which you can easily explore in Google Search Console.
  • Use Google tools to test Google’s mobile look of your site speed as Google Analytics to track traffic and user behavior.
  • Keep your social profiles regularly updated and share new content
  • Make your site secure by adding SSL certificate.
  • Make sure all visual elements are mobilefriendly
  • Add meta information – titles, snippets – for better visualization in search engine search results
  • Create links – external links to your site increase the traffic to your site through regular email campaigns
  • If you have an advertising budget, use it to increase visits to your page through PPC advertising activity disclosed herein may be performed on a regular basis with basic advance training.